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Condensation Land

Condensation Land started in Second Life in May 2007. After the Openspace fiasco, it was migrated to Openlife, then to its own hypergrid-enabled mini-grid, and finally to Metropolis.

It includes works of (in historical order) Zonja Capalini (the Condensation Land Club, Zonja's home, the Klein bottle, the Mirror Worlds exhibition building), Favio Piek and Ludmilla Writer (Arrabal Tango Club), Shoshisn Shilova (various sculptures and trees), Breen Whitman (Eastern Gasworks), Omurtag Milev (Temple, Conceptior and AngelicoMiquelis, three 64K sqm islands located in Condensation East) and Plastichansa Bade (various mesh objects, flying dragons).

The Mirror Worlds exhibition features sculptures by Shoshisn Shilova and pictures by Florence Babenco, Zonja Capalini, Sennaspirit Coronet (Senna), Monika Finchy, Shoshisn Shilova, Mikil Tiki and Ludmilla Writer.

Condensation Land and its sister sim Condensation East are currently maintained by Zonja Capalini and Plastichansa Bade and located in the Metropolis grid.

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Web by Zonja Capalini, 2016. Images by their respective authors.