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About Condensation Land

About Condensation Land

Condensation Land is part of the Metaverse. Being a mini virtual world in itself, it is part of the much larger Metropolis Metaversum virtual grid, which provides the (excellent) hosting. The 3D world is simulated using Opensimulator (a.k.a. Opensim), a wonderful open-source program developed by a set of volunteers around the world.

Condensation Land is open to the public, and can be accessed from any hypergrid-enabled using an Opensim-compatible viewer and pointing it at

Condensation Land was founded by Zonja Capalini in 2008, and has a quite barroque history.

Condensation Land hosts works of many contributors who have donated their work so that it can be exhibited there. Many thanks to all of them!

Condensation Land is funded by Zonja Capalini and maintained by Zonja Capalini and Plastichansa Bade (a.k.a. Pep Plastichansa).


Web by Zonja Capalini, 2016. Images by their respective authors.