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Arrabal Tango Club

Arrabal Tango Club

Arrabal Tango Club was founded in SL on june the 7th, 2008. It was created by Favio Piek and Ludmilla Writer, with a little help from Zonja Capalini.

Here's a video of the opening party (Sat, June the 7th 2008):

The club, one of the very few in SL that offered tango music, was quite a success. You can see the ambiance and the setting, for example, at Ludmilla's second rezzday party (feb the 3rd, 2009):

Hey, some people even chose Arrabal celebrate their SL marriage! :)

Arrabal also hosted several virtual art exhibitions. Here's one of them (october the 18th, 2008):

Every so often, Ludmilla and Favio programmed


. Here's an electronic tango one (november the 22th, 2008):

0413 - Arrabal Electronic Tango Party 20081122

... and a Fancy Dresss Year end party (december the 28th, 2008).

In march 2009, the club was cloned to Condensation/Opensim:

0514 - Arrabal in Opensim YAY!

In september 2009, Zonja Capalini released a video mixing Arrabal/SL and Arrabal/Opensim:

Arrabal/SL closed at the end of april 2014:

0976 - Closing Condensation Land

The Opensim version of Arrabal was reinstated on april the 19th, 2016, with the invaluable help of Plastichansa Bade: 0983 - Condensation Land reloaded! :)

Arrabal can be visited in Condensation Land (you will find a teleporter in the arrival point); Condensation Land is now part of the Metropolis Grid.

In May 2017, Zonja Capalini recreated the Arrabal exhibition and used Plastichansa's TV sets to make it possible to watch videos from Arrabal when in-world. Here's a view of the results:

You will find many photos of Arrabal Tango Club in the Tango at Arrabal and Condensation Land Flickr groups.

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