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Condensation Land Club
Condensation Land Club

The Condensation Land Club was created by Zonja Capalini in the second half of 2007, and it has a quite interesting history, both from the technical and personal points of view.

The club features a Classic Dance floor, a Modern Dance Floor and a Chill-out zone.

Technical history

After the Openspace fiasco, it was migrated to Openlife, where it was reconstructed using megaprims (the status of megaprims was unclear at the moment in SL). A copy of the club remained in Condensation Land/SL till the closure of the sim in april 2014.

0388 - 20081109, 11.57 OLT - Condensation club, partially built in Openlife

Openlife didn't perform as expected, so that in a short time the club was moved to the our own mini-grid, the Condensation Land Grid, using Second Inventory (there were no OARs at the moment).

When OARs (Opensim ARchive files) started to appear, the club was open-sourced and made available at the now defunct rexxed and at several other places.

Many people downloaded the Club and played with it. It ended up in the most unexpected places. For example, in this seminal article from John "Pathfinder" Lester (an ex-Linden) about Opensim-on-a-stick.

Indeed, if you look carefully, you will find traces of the club in many places of the metaverse. It appears that people enjoy playing with it and keeping the parts that interest them the most to create their own buildings.

Currently Plastichansa Bade is working on creating a mesh version of the club. His latest attempts use only four prims!

Evolution and personal history

The club was the place where I started to film a lot of my first videos, just when the 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator appeared. Here are some early samples, featuring Noys Timeless:

I was not the only one chosing the club to film: take a look at this video posted by Plastichansa Bade in 2010:

I also filmed Wind (an SL friend) at her request in the club:

On 20080929 we had a party in the Club to celebrate the opening of Condensation Beach, Ludmilla Writer's sim, where she had put a nice (and expensive) castle, also seen in the video. Of course, the sim didn't last long, because of the Openspace fiasco.

In February 2010 we celebrated Ludmilla Writer's third rezzday in the copy of the club located in our own mini-grid.

And on 20100206 Ludmilla and me held a common party (our rezzdays are almost the same day) in Condensation/SL.

Here's LibDescent Dover's video of my (and Ludmilla's) fifth rezzday (thank you! :)).

Here's Plastichansa Bade's video of the very first days after Condensation was reloaded in Metropolis.

The latest additions to the club are from June 2016: a (quite posh, I have to say :)) lounge near the bar in the Classic Dance floor.


Web by Zonja Capalini, 2016. Images by their respective authors.