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Contributors to Condensation Land

Contributors to Condensation Land

Condensation Land is an act of love and sharing.

Here you will find works of Florence Babenco (Mirror Worlds Exhibition), Plastichansa Bade, Zonja Capalini, Senna Coronet (Mirror Worlds Exhibition), Monika Finchy (Mirror Worlds Exhibition), Omurtag Milev (Three subislands located in Condensation East: Temple, Conceptior, AngelicoMiquelis), Favio Piek (Arrabal Tango Club, Favio's cafe), Shoshisn Shilova (Mirror Worlds Exhibition, various sculptures), Mikil Tiki (Mirror Worlds Exhibition), Breen Whitman (Eastern Gasworks building), Ludmilla Writer (Mirror Worlds Exhibition, Arrabal Tango Club), who have explicitly donated some form of art or time or love or patience or know-how; of many other people, some of them unknown and in any case too numerous to cite individually, that give away for free their creations on the hypergrid.

Condensation Land is what it is and looks as it looks thanks to all of them.

Lena Vanilli and in more general terms the team at Metropolis ensure the smooth, lag-free operation of the islands, and a very friendly support in case some problem arises.

Master architect: Zonja Capalini.

Master architect (Temple, Conceptior, Angelico Miquelis): Omurtag Milev.

Maintainers: Zonja Capalini and Plastichansa Bade.


Web by Zonja Capalini, 2016. Images by their respective authors.