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Plastichansa Bade

Plastichansa Bade

Plastichansa Bade
Plastichansa Bade by Plastichansa Bade

Plastichansa Bade (a.k.a. LibDescent Dover) first rezzed in SL on february the 16th, 2007. In 2009 he moved to Opensim, first OSGrid and very soon, later, to Metropolis. He currently owns and administers two sims in Metropolis, "Libdescent", where you can find a huge freebie pose shop, and "BRBP", where he stores the stuff he creates (and it's much worth a visit, it's an incredible place :)).

Plastichansa creates poses, fantastic mesh objects, and wonderful avatars (really beautiful and creative ones, not your average hunk avie). He's also a great photographer and machinimatographer. Here's a sample machinima:

Since May 2016 he co-administers (with Zonja Capalini) Condensation Land, where he has also contributed a great number of wonderful objects, and its sister sim Condensation East.

Plastichansa can be reached in-world (Metropolis Metaversum), or at


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