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Zonja Capalini

A short biography

I'm an avatar (I love to be a B&W girl in a colorful world :)). First rezzed in Second Life on February the 1st, 2007, I currently reside in Condensation Land, a 1024x1024 varregion located in the Metropolis grid.

I'm the master architect of Condensation Land. Condensation Land also hosts the works of a number of other contributors. You can learn about the history of Condensation Land here.

In addition to building and architecting, my main interests include virtual photography, machinima, blogging and Opensim.

Virtual photography

Most of my shots are raw. I love to experiment with the viewer to see what one can do without the assistance of Photoshop or Gimp. For example, the following is a completely unretouched shot taken when the S20 version of (the now defunct) Kirsten's viewer appeared (yes, it's a selfie :)).

I opened my Flickr stream on december the 26th 2007. With this photo (it's of course raw, except for the frame and the signature):



I love machinima. I use it to document my own work, to film other people's work, and when I get involved in virtual worlds politics.


I run two blogs, my personal one and Condensation Land's one, and a blog-like web (the one you're reading now).


On October 27, 2008, the Openspace crisis started. That's how I (as many other people) became interestested in Opensim. First I Opened an account in Openlife, and started to migrate our work there: in less that one month, many of our builds had been migrated:

0396 - 20081122 03.45 OLT - Condensation in Open Life, Phase 1 nearing completion

Of course, I blogged about it to help others who were following similar processes.

Indeed, many people were experimenting with Opensim. Here's a video I filmed when I attended Rezzable's PGA crash party on December 18, 2008:

At the start of 2009, I wrote a blog post documenting how to install Opensim in Windows XP with MySQL. Shortly afterwards, I started to experiment with the then nascent Hypergrid, and I also blogged about it. Here's a video documenting our first experiences with hypergrid jumps (remember that this was January, 2009!):

Things were changing very fast at the time in Opensim: in February I wrote a blog post about the then new "dynamic Hypergrid links".

Openlife wasn't performing as expected, so that I decided to migrate (again!) to our own grid. In March 2009 I was almost done.

I'm surprised to see that at least the building for the Mirror Worlds exhibition was there as soon as the end of March:

Opensim offered a plethora of possibilities not available in SL. One of these was the possibility of creating very large linksets (i.e., objects composed of more than 256 prims, a SL limit). In July 2009, I linked a 2889 prim Klein bottle (which, at the time, was kind of a prowess).

In December 2009 I wrote ZOE (for Zonja's OAR Editor), a prototype command-line OAR editor. Some days later I worked on understanding the then completely undocumented Parcel Maps. In January 2010 I partially documented the serialization of SceneObjectGroups in the XML2 format.

Contacting me

You can reach me at zonja.capalini AT, or in-world in the Metropolis Grid.

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