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Posts and mentions about Condensation Land

"Safari: Art and Science", by Thirza Ember, documenting a visit of Hypergrid Safari to Arrabal Tango Club. Includes an edited chat transcript, a video by Zonja Capalini, and some very nice photos, many of them animated.
"Safari Goes House to House", by Thirza Ember, documenting a visit of Hypergrid Safari to Condensation Land. Includes an edited chat transcript and some very nice photos.
"IAR Exports – OpenSim", by Nalates Urriah, a blog post featuring a shot of Condensation/Opensim.
"A Mist Land", by Thirza Ember, an article about Condensation Land [Blog apperas to be defunct].
"A Virtual World in my Hands: Running OpenSim and Imprudence on a USB Key", by John "Pathfinder" Lester, a seminar article featuring Opensim-on-a-stick. It displayed the open-source version of the Condensation Land Club, as noted in a comment by Zonja.
"Visiting Condensation Land", by Shockwave Plasma, a post about Shockwave's hypergrid visit to Condensation. Images seem to be gone, probably due to a deceased Flickr stream.
"It takes one to tango", by Thirza Ember, an article about Arrabal Tango Club in SL, including an interview with Craig Altman, of Bits and Bobs animations. It's worth to note that, as stated in a comment there, Arrabal was already cloned to Opensim but, of course, it was lacking the Bits and Bobs animations.
"Zonja contributed her Condensation Land Club oar ...", a post to the opensim-users mailing list by Jani Pirkola explaining where to get an OAR containing the Condensation Land Club.
"Teletransporte entre OpenSim y Second Life usando el realXtend viewer" [Spanish], by Gustavo Alberto Navarro Bilbao, a blog post about "teleporting" between SL and Opensim using the RealXtend viewer and featuring Condensation Land in SL and Opensim in one of Zonja's videos.
"Why Leave Second Life For OpenSim?", by Hamlet Au. A post about the Openspace fiasco and my article about it.
"Zonja Capalini <3 Opensim in Linden Lab Smackdown", by Pixeleen Mistral. Not really about Condensation, but it comments Zonja's article about the Openspace fiasco, which includes a lot of stuff about Condensation.
"Contact Sheet – Shoshana Epsilon, Moire Georgette and Zonja Capalini", by Harper Ganesvoort, an article displaying a shot of Zonja's home and a recommendation to visit.


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